Bottles of V8 Juice on a store shelf.
How To Doctor Up V8 Tomato Juice For A Stunning Flavor Boost

Drinking a glass of V8's original tomato juice day in and out might seem blasé, but V8 actually functions as a versatile base for concocting several different drinks.

There are a number of spices, such as basil and chili powder, that pair well with V8's original drink. Simply pour your drink, whisk in your spices, and enjoy as-is.

V8 tomato juice can also be perfect in cocktails, such as Bloody Marys and the Mexican drink michelada. It also works in smoothie recipes to balance out sweetness with umami goodness.

When blended with fruits and vegetables, a smoothie infused with V8 can pack a potent punch in a daily dietary regimen with a quick, nutritious pick-me-up at any time.