Cauliflower with leaves.
How To Deep Clean A Cauliflower Using Salt And Vinegar

According to a video by Redleaf Ranch on TikTok, you should let cauliflower sit in a bowl of water mixed with salt and white vinegar for 10 minutes before you chop and cook it.

Cauliflowers are filled with crevices that hide dirt, bacteria, and tiny bugs. Vinegar removes bacteria, pesticides, microorganisms, and any wax coating on vegetables.

Vinegar and salt are also perfectly safe for consumption. Soaking vegetables like cauliflower in salt water removes pesticides and insecticides and destroys harmful bugs and bacteria.

To properly clean your cauliflower, pull off the outer leaves covering the cauliflower and remove the stem. Chop the vegetables into smaller pieces that are much easier to clean.

Rinse the florets in running water to remove dirt, soak them in salt and vinegar water, and rinse them in fresh water again.