Chocolate chip and potato chip cookies on a plate
How To Correctly Chill Your Dough For Better Cookies

If you want to impress everyone the next time you need to make cookies, let your cookie dough have some chill time in the refrigerator before you bake.

Once your cookie dough is mixed, put it into the refrigerator, either in a bowl or on a cookie sheet, and let it chill for at least an hour.

The more time chilling, the better, so putting the dough in the fridge overnight is ideal. When the chilling time is over, bake the cookies just as you usually would.

You can also do 15 minutes in the freezer or freeze it overnight. When you want to bake cookies, put the frozen dough in the fridge until it's softened and bake as normal.

Chilling dough helps cookies taste better by giving the ingredients time to blend. Flour can hydrate with the wet ingredients, creating a cohesive flavor.

Your cookies will also look better because the butter will solidify and help the cookie hold a better shape instead of spreading flat and thin.

Chilling cookie dough is a good idea for any drop cookie and is especially vital for sugar cookies made with cookie cutters.