Potatoes piled together.
How To Clean Potatoes Without A Scrubbing Brush

The skins of potatoes can have stubborn dirt on them, and if you don't have a dedicated vegetable scrubber on hand, you can easily slough the grime away using a clean dish towel.

Before you grab your dish towel and scrub, wash your hands first to prevent germs from spreading to the spuds.

All you have to do is use a clean dish rag as you would a brush, gently scrubbing away any dirt by rubbing the potatoes in a circular motion.

Pay special attention to dirt lurking in the potatoes' crevices, as many spuds have uneven shapes that can be harder to clean.

You can also use paper towels or even clean exfoliating gloves. Cut off any eyes or sprouted parts that may be present, then give them another good rinse before patting them dry.