A chicken being cooked in an oven bag
How Oven Bags Actually Work And What You Should Cook In Them
Oven bags revolutionize cooking by sealing in heat and moisture, ensuring succulent meats with minimal effort and taking much of the stress out of preparing a large roasted meal.
Ideal for hefty cuts like turkey or ham, oven bags create an enclosed environment around the meat, trapping heat and steam and preventing it from drying out during cooking.
Using an oven bag also speeds up cooking and automatically bastes the roast. Another advantage is easy cleanup — just discard the bag after use.
Despite myths, they're safe to use and made from FDA-compliant materials like heat-resistant nylon. However, misuse can lead to burning or bursting, so follow the instructions.
While oven bags excel in juiciness, they don't crisp like traditional roasting methods. To achieve a crispy finish, remove the contents early and finish cooking outside the bag.