Outside of Erewhon grocery store.
How Much It Costs To Shop At Erewhon, One Of America's Most Pricey Grocery Chains

In Los Angeles, one grocery chain has tapped into a new niche and is immune to the adverse effects of inflation: Erewhon Market, one of America's most expensive supermarkets.

With perks like free valet parking and memberships, celebrities and influencers come to Erewhon for $24 beef bone broth and $22 tie-dyed rainbow Cactus Plant Flea Market smoothies.

Whole Foods sells a 2.5-pound organic rotisseries chicken for $11.99 and Vital Farms organic large eggs for $8.49. At Erewhon, those same items are $22.50 and $9.99 respectively.

TikTok influencers regularly post shopping trips to Erewhon, where one can spend over $1,000 to make a small plate of "vegan" nachos topped with an entire tin of caviar.

Erewhon offers two memberships: the Cafe Membership for $100 annually and Membership Plus, which allows you to share the account with one partner for $200.

The California chain ships nationwide via UPS. If you’d like, Erewhon's energy-boosting Neptune Blue Sea Moss Gel is $44 for 16-ounce bottles, or the Erewhon tote bag is $135.