Cold cans of beer.
How Long Does Unopened Canned Beer Take To Expire?

Canned beers don't last forever, so checking their expiration dates is important. But, instead of viewing these dates as spoilage markers, think of them as freshness indicators.

"Expired" beer is still generally safe to drink. The difference is that your favorite beverage might not taste like itself after it sits for a long time.

IPAs are vulnerable, as the aromas imparted by hops fade fast. Like pilsners and other light wheats, they will lack floral and citrus notes but remain bitter as they age.

Craft beer enthusiasts often find light beers taste best in the first few days, if not weeks, of packaging since the flavors are at their peak.

Light wheats last four to six months, while heavier IPAs and ales last about six to nine months. These change depending on storage, as temperature impacts oxidation.

Expired beer can end up leaking or exploding due to fermentation, which is why you should be thoughtful about how long you hold on to your collection.