Jacques Pépin smiling
How Jacques Pépin Peels Garlic Without Any Tools

In a TikTok, chef Jacques Pépin is seen demonstrating how he peels garlic with only his hands and a little help from his knife, and his method seems to be the easiest way to do so.

The master chef starts by rubbing a whole garlic bulb between his hands and uses his thumb to apply pressure, which helps release the thin skin without any effort.

Next, he sets the bulb down on a cutting board and holds it in place before smacking it on its side with the palm of his other hand. With that one move,

the entire bulb separates.

Pépin then takes a clove, snips off the rough tip with a small knife, and lays it round side up. Placing the flat side of his chef's knife on the clove, he crushes it down.

When Pépin picks up the clove, the peeled garlic slips right out. Pépin's hands may have been highly trained, but the trick seems easy enough for anyone to pull off.