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How Ina Garten Makes Her Iconic Cosmopolitan Cocktail For A Crowd

If you are a fan of chef Ina Garten or the internet, you have probably seen the enormous cosmopolitan she made. Her recipe is perfect for a crowd and easy to replicate.

In a big pitcher or punch bowl, stir together four parts "good vodka," two parts orange liqueur, two parts cranberry juice cocktail, and one part freshly squeezed lime juice.

Then, shake the mixture in a cocktail shaker with lots of ice for 30 seconds until very cold and combined. Keep the presentation classic with a martini glass and an orange garnish.

If you’re making this drink in the morning for an evening cocktail party, add the lime juice right before serving, as the flavor of fresh lime juice degrades within about 24 hours.

On that note, you must avoid bottled lime juice because freshly squeezed is key for this cocktail. As for the other liquids, Garten approves Grey Goose, Cointreau, and Ocean Spray.

Garten's Cosmopolitan is heavier on cranberry juice and orange liqueur than most other versions, so it tastes fruitier, but you can make adjustments based on your preferences.