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How Ina Garten Amps Up The Flavor Of Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Even in its most basic form, coffee cake is delicious, but chefs like Ina Garten also enjoy adding extra ingredients to make this breakfast treat truly special.
The Barefoot Contessa not only adds walnuts to the streusel and covers the cake with a maple glaze but also includes another ingredient that levels the moisture and flavor.
Instead of milk, Garten uses more than a cup of sour cream in the recipe ​​because it makes baked goods extra moist without turning the cake soggy.
Sour cream is mainly made up of acid and fat. The acid works to tenderize baked goods, while the high amount of fat contributes to an overall richness of texture and flavor.
The lack of excess liquid in sour cream ensures that your batter doesn’t get thinned out or turn runny and adds a light, tangy taste.