Anthony Bourdain
How Anthony Bourdain Made Restaurant-Worthy Veggies At Home
A side of delicious carrots can transform a meal. By preparing them with a touch of French flair, chef Anthony Bourdain demonstrated that even the simplest ingredients can dazzle.
Bourdain drew inspiration from Vichy carrots, which are cooked in a small amount of Vichy spring water, sugar, and baking soda until tender, then served dotted with butter.
To upgrade the traditional recipe, Bourdain added butter to the spring water and sugar mix used to simmer the carrots. He sliced his carrots on the bias for extra glazing surface.
The Vichy method also works well with cabbage and Brussels sprouts. Simmer the greens in water and butter, then finish with sugar, honey, or miso for a lucious, glossy finish.
Bourdain emphasized the importance of using ripe, seasonal produce. He recommended engaging with market vendors to boost confidence in selecting the freshest, finest ingredients.