Pile of lemons
How A Skewer Can Make Juicing A Lemon Simpler Than Ever

Various tools can be used to juice lemons, from heavy-duty countertop presses to handheld squeezers. However, a simple skewer can get the job done just as well.

With a skewer, you can juice your lemon at record speed and get the maximum amount of lemon juice without any pulp, seeds, or big mess.

To start, loosen up the juices inside the lemon by giving it a little roll on a hard surface for about ten seconds. Then, insert the skewer’s pointed end into one end of the lemon.

Push the skewer 1.5 to 2 inches deep to create a hole for the juice to flow. Once done, remove the skewer, turn the lemon hole-side down, and squeeze it over a bowl.

Other tips include using a chopstick or opting for softer, riper lemons. If you don't need all the juice from a lemon, just squeeze out what you need and save the rest.