Basque burnt cheesecake.
Honey Is The MVP For Perfect Basque Cheesecake

Basque cheesecake is known for its jiggly center and blackened top. While traditional recipes use granulated sugar, substituting it with honey will produce quick caramelization.

When using honey, you'll get the color you're looking for without using the broiler, which we all know can ruin a dish if you walk away for a few seconds too long.

Granulated sugar caramelizes at 320 degrees Fahrenheit, but honey reaches the caramel stage at 230 degrees Fahrenheit, so honey will give you a dark top much quicker than sugar.

However, swapping all the sugar in a Basque cheesecake recipe with honey can give it too much moisture; instead, only substitute half of the sugar content the recipe calls for.

Doing this will give you an evenly caramelized top, an interesting flavor (depending on the type of honey you use), and that coveted creamy center.