Scoops of pink ice cream
Here's Why Your Homemade Ice Cream Isn't Freezing

It can be hard to get homemade ice cream to freeze through. Ice cream can resist freezing for a few reasons, but the most common issue is the formula of your ice cream base.

Salt and sugar can lower the ice cream mixture's freezing point. You need these ingredients, but if you overdo it, your ice cream won't be able to freeze properly.

Your ice cream base's freezing point can also be lowered by alcohol. Boozy ice cream is delicious, but adding too much alcohol can result in goopy, melty ice cream.

Even if you use a solid formula for the base, you could still run into trouble if the base is too warm to begin with. Ideally, it should be at 39 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

As you churn ice cream, the fat molecules from the milk stick together to create a creamy and smooth structure. This structure can be built more easily when the base is chilled.

You should also freeze your bowl and other materials before making the ice cream to keep large ice crystals at bay and get a smooth and creamy dessert.