A closeup of lemons.
Here's The Biggest Lemon-Producing Country In The World
Some of the world's most popular lemon varieties come from Italy, France, or even the state of California, but these regions don’t come close to producing as many lemons as India.
As the top heavy-hitter in the lemon arena, India produces nearly 3.55 million tons of lemons annually, or approximately 17% of the world's total lemon supply.
Lemons from India are usually between 1-3 inches wide and tend to be smoother rather than bumpier in texture. They also often have 12 or 13 segments within.
Mexico and China follow close behind, each producing somewhere in the realm of 2 million tons of lemons per year. However, this ranking varies every calendar cycle.
Production depends on available farmland and weather. In India, farmers can only plant 210-250 trees per acre, with acreage constantly in flux due to climate and soil properties.
For now, India is the top lemon producer in the world, but global lemon production will continue to deal with droughts and flooding, flash freezes, and rising temperatures.