Whole and halved lemons next to lemon juicer
Handheld Lemon Juicers Work Better With One Additional Step
When it comes to juicing lemons using a lemon press, it’s best to slice the lemon in half and then slice off the opposite end of the halved fruit before putting it in the press.
Cutting that piece off the end removes some of the tough peel and pith that make squeezing a juice press difficult. Doubling the openings helps extract the maximum amount of juice.
An open-ended lemon is less likely to squirt out around the juicer’s sides and make a mess. For the best result, put the lemon half in the press with its small side facing down.
Positioning the wider side upwards will give the press more surface area to apply pressure when you squeeze its handles, leaving you with a hollowed-out lemon and plenty of juice.