Celebrity chef Guy Fieri.
Guy Fieri's Tip For Hosting A Worry-Free Thanksgiving

Chef Guy Fieri spoke with EatingWell to give some tips for avoiding stress around Thanksgiving, "...one of the best things to do is to experiment or cook a couple of the recipes."

Practicing Thanksgiving dishes is important for new and familiar recipes. You will ensure everything comes out on time and understand the intricacies of your kitchen.

By planning ahead, you will not only gain confidence, but you’ll get to enjoy Thanksgiving foods for way longer. You’ll also have time to troubleshoot your favorite turkey recipe.

Fieri does not recommend doing the entire spread at once, though. Instead, stagger preparing different dishes in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

He also advises getting creative with the leftovers. Fieri likes combining turkey and stuffing into crab-cake-like patties and pan-frying them until crispy.