Guy Fieri smiling
Guy Fieri's Go-To Base For Actually Satisfying Veggie Burgers
Chef Guy Fieri's burger expertise extends to crafting satisfying veggie burgers. His trick is to use a base of hearty grains like brown rice and quinoa, while avoiding gooey beans.
Fieri’s approach allows vegetable textures and flavors to shine while grains act to bind the mixture together. He uses a ratio of roughly four parts vegetables to one part grain.
To intensify flavors and reduce moisture, pre-cook the veggies by sautéing, roasting, or grilling. You can include bell peppers, cauliflower, corn, sweet potato and many others.
Eggs (or flax eggs for vegans) can be used as a wet binder, and any grain cooked al dente will act as a dry binder. Try experimenting with grains such as millet, bulgur, or orzo.
Chilling the mixture before forming patties aids in handling, while searing them creates a robust crust. With Fieri's tips, you can enjoy a veggie burger that stands tall on any bun.