Guy Fieri speaking
Guy Fieri's Favorite (And Least Favorite) Thanksgiving Food

In an interview with Eating Well, chef Guy Fieri shared his must-have dishes for Thanksgiving and those he wants nothing to do with.

Some of Fieri's Thanksgiving favorites include green bean casserole and cranberry sauce, but in true Fieri fashion, these classic dishes are doctored with a flavorful flare.

Fieri’s green bean casserole is a two-day process, as he makes his turkey stock and gravy from scratch. He also uses flour-coated, fried, crispy shallots to fend off sogginess.

His red devil cranberries include chile peppers or chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, and then Fieri balances it all out with orange juice, blood orange, or orange zest.

There's one Thanksgiving dish that Fieri claims is his least favorite: sweet potato casserole. He feels it’s too sweet, which makes sense because Fieri prefers spice.