Chef Gordon Ramsey laughing.
Gordon Ramsay's Unconventional Tip For Cutting Bell Peppers

Chef Gordon Ramsay’s techniques for cutting produce are very useful. His trick for slicing bell peppers, which involves cutting them upside down, is pretty groundbreaking.

For julienned peppers, he cuts the stalk off and places the pepper upside down on the cutting board. While cutting strips off the fruit, he carefully slices around the seeds.

Avoiding the white pith in the center is important because it's bitter. You’re left with a "perfect Christmas tree of seeds," which can be discarded, making this trick less messy.

Then, cut each piece of bell pepper into matchstick thin strips. Ramsay flattens out the pepper and places it skin-side down, which helps make it easier to cut.

Ramsey applies the three-finger rule: middle finger in front with index and ring fingers behind. The middle finger's knuckle protects your nails, letting the knife do the work.