Grilled cheese sliced in half on wooden surface
Gordon Ramsay Gave You Lousy Grilled Cheese Advice
Gordon Ramsay is a hugely successful chef, and while he won't often lead cooks astray, you probably shouldn't follow the chef's grilled cheese recipe for these reasons.
The first problem is that Ramsay uses two strongly flavored, hard cheeses — pecorino with pepperberries and asiago. Neither one of them is a good melting cheese.
Ramsay also cuts the bread and cheese into thick slices, ensuring that the hard cheese won't be able to melt properly.
Moreover, Ramsay's choice of ingredients can be a little polarizing. He adds kimchi, which is sure to be a flavor bomb that may not pair well with the strongly flavored cheeses.
To make matters worse, Ramsay plops the sandwich on a pan that's clearly too hot, as the olive oil promptly starts smoking and the edges of the bread quickly char.
The end result is a grilled cheese with burnt bread and unmelted cheese, leaving viewers to doubt Ramsay's claims that the sandwich is "incredible," "so good," and "delicious."
To avoid these mistakes, opt for thinner bread slices that allow the cheese to heat up, grate or shred the cheese to help it melt, and cook it at a lower temperature for longer.