a glass of espresso martini
Give Souffle-Like Elegance To Espresso Martinis
The soufflé espresso martini, inspired by the texture of egg white-based soufflés, features a fluffy, cloud-like foam topping that adds elegance and lightness to the drink.
This dessert in a glass is easy to make with a cocktail shaker or electric mixer and is sure to impress guests as a sophisticated after-dinner treat.
Begin by preparing a fluffy egg white coffee foam with egg whites, sugar, chilled espresso, and water, aerating the mixture thoroughly to achieve a light consistency.
Shake the mixture in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes for 30 seconds, strain, then shake again for another 30 seconds.
Alternatively, beat sugar and instant coffee in an electric mixer, add hot water, then beat in egg whites until stable. Pour the foam into a glass and prepare the espresso martini.
To serve, make a hole in the center of the foam using a spoon or other tool. Strain the espresso martini directly into the hole, watching the impressive soufflé rise as you pour.