Sliced cucumbers
Give Cucumbers A Powerful Crunch With One Simple Coating
Cucumbers, which are 95% water, tend to become soggy when sliced and mixed with other ingredients. This excess moisture can dilute dressings and compromise the texture of dishes.
To ensure sliced cucumbers maintain their crunch, sprinkle them with a mixture of salt and sugar. Use about ½ tablespoon of salt and ½ teaspoon of sugar for one English cucumber.
After 30 minutes to an hour, liquid will begin to seep out of the cucumbers. Firmer cucumbers are able to withstand longer soaking, allowing for a more thorough release of water.
After the cucumbers have expelled their excess liquid, rinse them thoroughly to remove any remaining salt and sugar. Pat them dry before serving in a salad or side dish.
These steps help maintain the cucumbers' irresistible crunch, making them perfect for a variety of dishes, from creamy cucumber-dill salads to fresh poke bowls, and picnics.