Giada De Laurentiis smiling and holding a drink
Giada De Laurentiis' Most-Loved Childhood Pasta Is Something Out Of Elf
Giada De Laurentiis comes from a long line of pasta makers, but her favorite childhood pasta dish wasn't traditional — it was covered in melted chocolate.
The dish sounds similar to the Christmas movie "Elf," where Will Farrell's Buddy pours chocolate sauce and other sweets onto his large plate of spaghetti.
While this seems like a strange concept, the combination of chocolate and pasta isn't new in Italy, as written recipes of this union can date back to 1680.
Ancient recipes include lasagna with a sauce made with chocolate, almonds, and anchovies. Today, you can find dishes in Italy like chocolate-filled ravioli.
These chocolatey creations exist for a reason: dark chocolate's complex flavors and aromas add dimension and deliciousness to every dish.
De Laurentiis still occasionally enjoys spaghetti with melted chocolate. Her lifestyle brand Giadzy even boasts several chocolate pasta recipes, such as Cheesy Chocolate Ravioli.