Giada De Laurentiis smiling
Giada De Laurentiis' Knife Tip To Easily Chop Chocolate Bars

When making treats that require chunks of chocolates, Giada De Laurentiis doesn’t use her chef's knife, food processor, or rolling pin to chop chocolate bars.

Instead, Giada opts for a serrated knife as it works on all other types and shapes. Its sharp blade helps her make the shavings as large or small as she wants.

The teeth of the serrated knife help it glide through the flaky ingredient with little resistance rather than glance off like a chef's knife does, producing similar-sized pieces.

It’s best to keep your slices thin and cut the bar at a diagonal. A firm press or gently rocking the tool will coax it through without the need to hack, saw, or wiggle the knife.

Moreover, the chopped slices stay neatly in place rather than flying across your cutting board. If needed, you can slightly warm the bar to help keep it stuck together and pliable.