Giada De Laurentiis holding a glass of her Italian margarita
Giada De Laurentiis' Italian Margarita Packs A Lemon Spin
A traditional Mexican margarita features tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur. Chef Giada De Laurentiis’ version, however, subs the orangey notes for a lemony, Italian twist.
As seen on TikTok, Giada shakes up tequila blanco, limoncello, lime juice, lemon juice, and some agave in a cocktail shaker filled with ice before straining the mixture in a glass.
It’s the limoncello that sets Giada’s drink apart. Mainly produced in southern Italy, this liqueur features macerated lemon peels from the Amalfi region mixed with sugar and water.
Giada's drink also differs in how it's served. While a traditional margarita is usually served in a glass with a salted rim, she serves her version in a plain glass without ice.