Giada De Laurentiis cooking pasta and smiling
Giada De Laurentiis' Expert Tip For Tossing Cheesy Pasta
According to Giada De Laurentiis, the secret weapon to make the ultimate cheesy tossed pasta is to grate parmesan cheese onto the pasta before tossing it in its sauce, not after.
Allowing the cheese to melt onto the pasta first results in a sticky, extra creamy, silky, cheesy coating that makes the dish even more delicious once you toss it all together.
As De Laurentiis explains in a cooking video for Williams Sonoma, following this specific order of events ensures "the sauce sticks to the cheese that sticks to the pasta."
To try it yourself, heat your sauce in a skillet before adding your pasta. This will ensure that the sauce is primed and able to disperse in a way that evenly coats the noodles.
Then, instead of waiting until everything is assembled before adding the grated parmesan cheese, add the cheese first and then toss it in the sauce.