Celebrity chef Giada DeLauerntiis speaking.
Giada De Laurentiis Adds One Savory Ingredient To Chocolate Cake

Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis’ chocolate hazelnut olive oil cake takes on a fantastic crumbly texture and has a rich, moist consistency thanks to the addition of olive oil.

De Laurentiis calls this a "delicious marriage," as her cake combines the silkiness of olive oil, the sweetness of cocoa powder, and the nuttiness of hazelnut oil.

Cakes baked with olive oil as the main fat instead of butter or margarine will come out tender and noticeably moister than those made with solid fats like butter.

Olive oil brings a subtle and fruity pepperiness to sweets that balances the bold flavors of chocolate, fruits, nuts, and spices. It also lightens up denser cakes.

Whisk the dry ingredients, add the wet ingredients, and then the hazelnut and olive oil. Top with chocolate chips before baking, and serve with whipped cream or powdered sugar.