Slice of lasagna on a plate
Frozen Ravioli Is A Great Shortcut For Makeshift Lasagna
Lasagna always pleases a crowd, but it's time-consuming to prepare. It requires patience for laying down the many layers while trying not to tear the long and fragile noodles.
You can use frozen ravioli as a stand-in to make a quick version of lasagna. By substituting lasagna sheets for ravioli, you get to bypass boiling pasta, which saves a ton of time.
Start with pasta sauce, then frozen ravioli, optionally include a layer of cooked ground meat, then cover everything with a layer of shredded mozzarella cheese.
It will probably come out less structured, and you can just ladle it out to serve. While this isn’t considered an authentic lasagna, it sure beats having to wait hours for dinner.
Try it with frozen cheese or beef ravioli, or artisanal varieties made with specialty fillings. You can make it vegetarian or vegan, and you can also add layers of vegetables.