A selection of frozen pizzas.
Frozen Pizzas Ranked Worst To Best

Totino's Triple Cheese Party Pizza is smaller than other frozen pizzas, and the quality is low overall. It may have nostalgic appeal, but that doesn’t mean it’s good.

10. Totino's

Red Baron Brick Oven Cheese-Trio Pizza has good flavor and cheese. However, it still falls behind the competition due to its lackluster crust.

9. Red Baron

Screamin' Sicilian Pizza Co.'s Bessie's Revenge Pizza is bland overall. It has good sauce and crispy crust, but lacks the herb taste found in better options.

8. Screamin' Sicilian

California Pizza Kitchen's Four Cheese Crispy Thin Crust Pizza had flavor, but was just decent. It’s more expensive, and only worthy of seventh-place.

7. California Pizza Kitchen

An issue with Hearth & Fire's The Bianca Flame Fired Crust Pizza is that it has a creamy garlic sauce, instead of red. It’s also expensive, costing as much as $16.99.

6. Hearth & Fire