Pile of mandarin oranges
Freeze Mandarin Oranges For A Simple, Rejuvenating Dessert

Sorbet (not to be confused with sherbet, which contains dairy) is one of the many close, but not identical, frozen desserts that make up the summer treats meant to keep you cool.

While sorbet consists of a flavored syrup churned with ice, freezing certain fruits, like mandarins, can create a similar effect and texture without added sugar or preservatives.

The easiest way to make sorbet-like frozen mandarin oranges is to stick a few in the freezer overnight until frozen solid. Thaw them for about two hours before peeling and eating.

Freezing mandarins makes their cell structure collapse, turning fibrous pulp into finely textured mandarin ice. The fruit’s membranes provide some leakage protection while eating.

Because frozen mandarins need to thaw a bit before being eaten so that you don’t chip a tooth or two, they are an ideal snack to take to the beach or park on a hot summer day.