Crispy bacon strips on a black plate
For The Crispiest Bacon, Grab The Most Basic Pantry Ingredient
Whether you fry your bacon in a pan or crisp it in the oven, sprinkling some flour over the strips can both enhance crispiness and prevent the bacon from curling up as it cooks.
The flour dries the bacon’s surface, making it crispy while also preserving its flavor. Since bacon is already fatty, it essentially deep-fries itself, yielding maximum crispiness.
The flour also absorbs some of the grease in the pan, which keeps the bacon from curling up, helps it cook more evenly, and reduces the likelihood of burnt or undercooked spots.
As for the amount of flour to use, dredge the bacon as you would any other food you're deep frying at home and shake off the excess. Then, cook the bacon as you normally would.
You can also use gluten-free flour, wheat flour, rye flour, or whatever you have handy. Whether you pan-fry, oven-fry, or use a griddle, your bacon should be noticeably crispier.