David Chang
For The Best Flavor, David Chang States Burgers Should Never Touch A Grill
Burgers on a fiery grill may seem like a match made in heaven, but to chef David Chang, owner of the restaurant company Momofuku, burgers belong anywhere but the grill.
On an episode of “The Dave Chang Show,” Chang tore apart the concept of grilling burgers, stating that the grill doesn't actually impart more flavor.
According to Chang, "the only flavor that's being imparted [by grilling] is the carbonized crap that's on the grill. The stuff that hasn't been scraped off.”
Instead, Chang suggests leaving the grill for “hunks of meat and corn,” while burgers should be cooked on a griddle. There seems to be some evidence to back him up.
When cooking burgers in a pan, the fat pools around the burger and infuses it with flavor. On a grill, the fat drips through the grate and can potentially cause flare-ups.
Although there may be some truth to avoiding grilled burgers, the grill can still be useful for cooking multiple burgers at once for large events like cookouts and gatherings.