Six loaded baked potatoes
For The Best Baked Potatoes Of Your Life, Try A Salt Water Brine

When baking potatoes, getting the salt to cling evenly to the spuds’ skin can be hard, and uneven seasoning results in some areas with ample seasoning

and others that are lacking.

However, brining the raw spuds in salt water before baking them can solve the issue since the saltwater solution allows the flavor to coat the whole exterior of the spuds evenly.

Dipping the spuds in salt water for about a minute is enough. The oven’s heat will make the water evaporate but allow the salt to stay on the skin, yielding a well-seasoned crust.

To catch any brine dripping from the spuds, pop them on a rack above a baking sheet. The rack will also let hot air in the oven circulate all around the spuds, cooking them evenly.