a stack of flour tortillas
For Pillowy Soft Tortillas, Brew Some Tomatillo Water
Making homemade tortillas is surprisingly simple and rewarding. The type of water you use impacts the results, so for the softest tortillas, use water brewed with tomatillo husks.
Tomatillo husks are acidic and contain an enzyme that keeps the tortillas soft. This acidity, paired with hot water to relax the gluten, makes strong but pliable corn tortillas.
Prepare tomatillo water by steeping tomatillo husks in hot water for three minutes, then squeeze and discard the husks, mixing the tomatillo water with masa harina and salt.
Flatten the dough into tortillas using a press or roll them out by hand. Cook them on a hot comal until they puff up and brown, then store them in a towel to prevent drying.