A cocktail with Spanish vermouth.
For Less Bitter Vermouth Cocktails, Sample The Spanish Variety

With its caramelly rouge color and complicated flavor, Spanish vermouth is distinct from other varieties of vermouth. Its flavor keeps cocktails from being overwhelmingly bitter.

Spanish vermouth can be compared to sangria, but whereas sangria is typically sweeter, Spanish vermouth has a hint of spice due to the common infusion of cloves and cinnamon.

Since Spanish vermouth already contains some citrusy flavor, it is often garnished with an orange or lemon peel, or a Manzanilla olive stuffed with anchovies.

Yzaguirre Rojo Vermouth might be the purest example of the classic Spanish style with its distinct notes of orange and cinnamon.

Spanish vermouth works well with soda, or as an addition to an orange mandarin negroni or Bronx cocktail. The vermouth’s citrus and spicy tones pair well with fresh orange juice.