A view of Berlin at dusk.
By Food Republic Staff
Everything You Need To Know About Berghain In Berlin
Berghain is the Mecca of techno, one of Berlin's longest-operating music venues, and is as famous for its exclusivity as it is for its music.
Berghain was historically a gay club and still plays an important role in providing a safe space for the queer, techno-loving community to do as they please.
There are several spaces within Berghain, including the main room, the ground floor Saüle space, and the upstairs, house-oriented Panorama Bar.
The club is open from around 10 p.m. on Friday through 6 a.m. on Monday, but getting into
Berghain requires passing a vibe check that even Elon Musk couldn’t pass.
Don't be rowdy or chat loudly in the line, and know which DJ is playing that night since you might be asked. Also, make sure you have €20 cash for the cover.
You should also snack and pre-drink before heading to Berghain because there aren’t many food options inside and club drinks are considered expensive in Berlin.
However, if you plan on drinking at Berghain, it has a variety of beer options, mixed drinks, non-alcoholic BioZisch sodas, and tea-based energy drinks called Club Mate.