Elvis Presley smiling
Elvis Presley Loved Meatloaf Because Of One Unique Ingredient
Elvis Presley, famed for his iconic voice and stage presence, was also known for his hearty appetite. The star had a particular affection for meatloaf enriched with wheat germ.
According to Priscilla Presley, Elvis’s dedication to meatloaf was so strong that he ate it every day for six months. Introducing wheat germ lends the dish a sweet, toasted taste.
Wheat germ, the embryo of the wheat kernel, is packed with vitamin B, fiber, and plant protein. It not only adds nutrients but also enriches the flavor and texture of the dish.
Besides wheat germ, Elvis's favorite meatloaf includes familiar ingredients such as ground beef, seasonings, diced garlic, chopped onion, celery, eggs, bread, and tomato topping.
The meatloaf recipe is preserved in the "Presley Family Cookbook," offering fans a taste of the dishes the King adored, complete with ingredients and cooking instructions.