Cinnamon rolls with drizzle.
Elevate Canned Cinnamon Rolls With One Creamy Ingredient

Canned cinnamon rolls are quick, sweet, and delicious, but they could be even better. All you need to enhance the sweet treat is a little heavy cream.

When you pour heavy cream over unbaked cinnamon rolls, the cream is absorbed into the dough, making the rolls bigger and fluffier and enriching their overall flavor and texture.

Any cream left on the bottom of the pan naturally combines with the cinnamon and sugar from the rolls, creating a sort of syrupy sauce that makes the rolls positively decadent.

You get bigger cinnamon rolls if you place them in a larger baking pan. Separate them so they have room to expand and pour heavy cream over the top and onto the bottom of the pan.

The result of adding this ingredient is a surprisingly homemade taste people can't seem to get enough of, judging from the idea's popularity on various social media platforms.