Duff Goldman smiling in a kitchen
Duff Goldman's Upside Down Pan Hack For Excellent Crepes
For getting perfect crepes, chef Duff Goldman uses a hack he picked up from a 12-year-old contestant of "Kids Baking Championship," a Food Network show he judges.
In a Season 8 episode of the show, contestant Reggie Strom dipped the underside of a sauté pan into crepe batter and placed the pan upside down directly onto the burner to cook.
The hack eliminates the need to spread the batter evenly, gives the crepe a curled shape, cooks the crepe much faster, and lets the finished product slide off the pan effortlessly.
To execute the trick, oil the bottom of your pan to create a nonstick surface for the flip, and prepare the batter in a bowl big enough to dip the entire bottom of the pan into it.
The crepe should take under a minute to bubble and cook through. Once the crepe is completely cooked, flip the pan over again to make it fall right onto your plate.