Sausages on a grill.
Double Your Grill's Roasting Area With One Simple Hack

When barbecuing, it's too easy to end up short on grill space. To avoid having to play Tetris on your grill, use some materials you already have on hand.

Empty cans and an extra grate from your grill can double your cooking space. Grab three or four empty metal cans of the same height to create a stable, even surface.

Remove any labels, then the top and bottom of each can with a can opener, and arrange them on your grilling surface in a triangle or square shape.

Balance the extra metal grate on top. Alternatively, you can set the grate atop a pizza stone rack for the same results, minus the hassle of finding identically sized cans.

You have now created an additional cooking surface, which is adjustable via the height of the cans you balance it on.