Buffalo wings coated in sauce.
Don't Skip This Underrated Ingredient For Crispy Chicken Wings

Chicken wings often achieve their crunchy exterior by being coated in flour and then deep-fried, but you don't have to follow this method for the crispiest results.

Baking powder (not baking soda) accelerates the browning process, making chicken skin crisp up by absorbing moisture, without adding any distracting flavors.

Make sure that you are using aluminum-free baking powder, as it does not start the chemical reaction until your food is in the oven.

You only need a small amount of baking powder for your chicken wings, around a teaspoon per pound of chicken wings.

There are countless ways to impart your chicken wings with flavor. Go for a barbecue route if you want wings that are smokier, or perhaps Thai-style sweet chili sauce wings.