Cooked bacon on a plate
Don't Make The Error Of Roasting Bacon Without Parchment Paper
When roasting bacon in the oven, placing it directly on the sheet pan versus using a rack is a hands-off cooking method that eliminates the need to flip each strip of bacon.
That said, using some parchment paper can improve the method further by making cleanup easier and saving you time in the process. Note that it doesn't impact how the bacon cooks.
Start by lining the baking sheet with a single sheet of parchment paper, cutting it large enough for an overhang on each side. Smaller, pre-cut parchment paper sheets won’t work.
Make a dam with the sheet, folding the corners and creasing the sides so the rendered fat can't drip onto the pan directly. Then, place a single layer of bacon slices on the sheet.
Post-cooking, once the sheet is cool enough to handle and the grease is still warm, lift the parchment paper and slightly tip the bacon drippings into a jar for future use.
None of the bacon grease should seep onto the pan if the sheet pan is thoroughly lined, so there won't be stuck-on burnt pieces or a sticky pan to scrub, making cleanup a breeze.