Pile of pinepples
Does Storing Pineapple Upside Down Really Make It Juicier?
Proponents of a viral hack on social media claim that pineapple juice pools at the bottom of the fruit, so turning it upside down will make it juicier, but it may just be a myth.
This theory is ostensibly backed up by the appearance of ripe pineapples, which are yellower and plumper at the bottom, and anecdotal evidence suggests it can make juices flow.
Yet, William Goldfield at Dole Food Company, one of the world’s largest pineapple producers, said, "storing a pineapple upright or on its side doesn't make a difference."
However, there is some truth to the bottom of pineapple being sweeter, but this is due to the age of the fruit since the lower portion is more mature and thus richer and juicier.
Pineapples are picked when fully ripe and will not ripen any further like some other fruits do, so storing them upside down won’t affect their flavor.
Rather than storing whole pineapples upside down, keep them fresh by storing them in the fridge for a few days. Store sliced pineapples in the fridge in an airtight container.