Hands holding detergent pods.
Dishwasher Pods Can Clean More In Your Kitchen Than Only Dishes

Those liquid detergent pods can clean more than just dishes. From ovens to countertop appliances, the possibilities of streamlined cleaning are endless.

Refrigerators typically need wipe-downs rather than full-depth cleaning, so it's easy to dissolve a pod in a bowl of warm water and proceed with a sponge or soft cloth as usual.

For the oven, take the pod straight to the door panel. Dampen it in warm water, grasp it between glove-clad fingers, and scrub away.

Cookware can soak with a dissolved pod before wiping off loosened food particles. Pods also work well for reaching crevices in small countertop appliances.

A toothbrush and pod can remove stains from grout lines, and a pod in a bucket of water is an easy floor-cleaning solution. For sinks, hot water and a pod loosen grime or grease.

For cleaning outdoor kitchens, let dishwasher pods come along. Spiff up deck appliances and furniture with a handful of pods and a small bowl of warm water.