Bartender making cocktails
Cocktail Business Cards Are The Answer For Picky Drinkers
While business cards are used to exchange contact information, cocktail business cards help acquaint bartenders with the specifics of how one would like their cocktails made.
These cards eliminate the need to converse with bartenders if you're in a country where language is a barrier, your favorite drink is obscure, or a recipe needs customization.
These cards are growing in popularity, particularly in cities like New York and Los Angeles. They showcase images of the drink, its ingredients, and detailed preparation instructions.
That said, most mixologists are happy to accommodate requests for custom preparations, but offering a cocktail card in a bustling bar or nightclub may not yield the desired result.
The cards are generally of high quality, too, though the need for such quality may depend on whether one is handing out new cards at each stop or using the same one over and over.
In the latter scenario, lamination is advised. These cards are undoubtedly useful for picky drinkers who want their cocktails custom-made, so it may be a trend that sticks around.