Clarified milk punch with lime on table.
Clarifying Is The Ideal Way To Preserve Citrus Cocktails

Citrus juices can oxidize once exposed to the air, affecting a cocktail's taste and color. You can help preserve your citrus cocktails by clarifying them.

The clarification process mellows out the drink, melding the intense elements with the other ingredients to create something easy to sip on and effortlessly balanced.

Clarification also takes the color out of cocktails and lends the drink a creaminess without making it necessarily milky or overly rich.

When clarifying your cocktails, they need plenty of citrus or else they won’t clarify properly. Craft your cocktail, mix it with full-fat milk, and allow it to sit overnight.

Once curdled, allow the mixture to strain for several hours. You can use a disposable coffee filter, and once it’s filtered, your cocktail should be shelf-stable for years.