Scrambled eggs with cheese.
Cheeses That Are Perfect To Add To Scrambled Eggs

It's familiar to tiramisu lovers, but mascarpone, with its sweet, tart taste, also adds a great finish to scrambled eggs. Its high butterfat content means a little goes a long way.


With its signature tang, both mild and extra sharp cheddar work well with scrambled eggs. For easier melting, add shreds or small cubes when your eggs are nearly finished.


Along with ham, lay Swiss cheese, with its slightly nutty flavor, over eggs, remove the pan from the heat, cover, let the cheese melt, and then sprinkle with cracked black pepper.


You can add cottage cheese to your scrambled eggs in different ways. Simply stir a few tablespoons into your eggs as they cook, or use them as a topping once your eggs are cooked.

Cottage Cheese

Add Gouda, with its spices and seasonings, to scrambled eggs, or make Gouda cheese toast and top it with scrambled eggs, which brings out the flavor and adds a creamy element.