Roasted chicken served on a black plate
Caramelize Your Roast Chicken With Lemon Curd For Deep, Juicy Taste
Just like honey or maple syrup, lemon curd can be used as a sweet, sticky glaze for roasted chicken. It strikes a nice balance between sweetness and the acidic nature of lemons.
Once the sugars in the curd caramelize, they will make the chicken skin crispy, while the moisture from the fats in the curd will create succulent, perfectly textured meat.
As for additional shortcuts, you can use store-bought curd and ask your butcher to spatchcock or butterfly your chicken, as removing the backbone will help the meat cook evenly.
Spread the curd under and on the skin with your fingers before roasting the chicken in a preheated oven. Finish with salt, olive oil, and aromatics to boost the flavor and texture.