A carajillo cocktail
Carajillo Cocktails Are A Lighter Version Of The Espresso Martini
The Mexican carajillo is perfect if you want the taste of coffee with less alcohol than an espresso martini. The cocktail only needs two ingredients and ice.
Carajillos use equal parts espresso and Licor 43, aka Cuarenta y Tres. It’s a Spanish liqueur made from 43 different herbs, spices, and fruits, with hints of vanilla and citrus.
There are two ways to make a carajillo, but it is commonly served shaken over ice. The Licor 43 and espresso are shaken vigorously to create a creamy and foamy texture.
The other method yields a thinner consistency. The drinker pours a shot of espresso into a glass of Licor 43 of the same amount and ice, then stirs to combine.
The carajillo can be garnished with cinnamon, grated orange zest, a whole cinnamon stick, or dehydrated citrus. Play around with the cocktail until you find the mix for you.